The Sacrificial Leader

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Not a lot of people are fans of Patton, but some of his leadership tenacity skills are epic. I don’t believe he would ever make it in corporate America requiring the consensus of piers. He would not be too careful not to make any moves that could be criticized or cause the company lawyer, comptroller or the human resources manager. Oh, how that type of leadership is admired and accolades spoken of from a historical distance. But you try it and your grilled and shot at by the same guy who just gave a speech about his leadership. The sacrificial leader has the guts to get fired or roasted. That does mean that one should reside in the place of antagonism towards management or leadership. We should certainly support and give way to battles that are of lesser importance that help maintain unity and support those whom inevitably we need too, but there is also that time to stand where you can and may get shot at.

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