Water Conservation

Landscape Water Conservation

There are many ways to conserve water. The largest consumption of most every water purveyor (anyone who sells drinking water to the public, usually a public utility) is that for landscape watering. In the Dallas / Fort Worth area, it is 48% of the water goes to landscape irrigation. This costs money and uses precious water supply resources. Landscape is also a precious asset to our environment and living that can easily be taken for granted.

Be a Good Steward

We can help you be a good steward of what God has given us. A proper application of water on your landscape can be accomplished. If we can design from that ground up, that is the best, but we often have to retrofit and existing system to make it better. Let's look at the enemy and resolutions:





Setting Timer and Forgetting about it or leaving it. Not turning off when it has rained.

Smart Controllers, Weather Stations, Rain-Freeze Sensors.

Water Inefficiency

Atomization of water droplets caused by over pressure.

Pressure Regulated Heads, MP Rotators, Drip systems, Pressure Regulated Devices.

Unevenly Distributed Water

Poorly planned irrigation system.

Change types of heads, move sprinkler heads, replace types of heads / nozzles.

Water Loss

Broken Heads, Leaky Valves, Broken pipes

Repair and replace heads, valves and pipes.

See our articles on Smart Controllers.

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